Is Navigation support for free edition

Is Navigation support for free edition?
If so,
I followed the instruction mentioned here

Both navigation & navigation-ui not found.

Failed to resolve: com.tomtom.sdk:navigation:0.3.344
Also I couldn’t find this package in repo itself. Could anyone please check?

Navigation SDK is available only upon request.
To request access, you need to fill out this form.

However, remember that Navigation SDK is primarily available for automotive customers.

Thank you for the response @tomczykm

I am trying to migration one of my fun project from Google Maps to tomtom maps. While doing so, stuck on this. Anyway I will refrain from filling this form.

Do you have any plan to open this up for all users in near future ?

At this moment, we do not plan to make Navigation SDK open for all users.

Thank you for the update @tomczykm

I need navigation support for my app to display moving users.
when I add the dependence it always gives me this error

Failed to resolve: com.tomtom.sdk.navigation:ui:0.3.1486
Failed to resolve: com.tomtom.sdk.navigation:navigation:0.3.1486

I there is another way of achieving this. I will like to know

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