Is it the right API for the task?

I’d like to get an idea of traffic congestion on a specific road segment (about 1000 to 2000 m). If I query the routing API every minute or so, I can get an evolution of the traffic based on live traffic forecasts. Which gives me a fairly good approximation.

Is it the right API to have this kind of congestion approximation, or is there better API to use in the TomTom portfolio?

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Doing this with Routing API is possible, but it is a way around.

More suitable service for this is Traffic Stats. More info at

Thanks for your help. What is not exactly clear for me are the advantages and disadvantages of both API for this particular purpose. Maybe you may give some hints about this?

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Hi Alain,

If you are looking to retrieve insights about traffic congestion over time (in the past months or years) then the TomTom Move platform is the best tool. You can customize your query on date ranges, time ranges (peak hours vs off peak), locations, etc. and retrieve the detailed data in one report.

If you are looking to monitor traffic conditions in real time, then the Traffic Flow Details API would probably be the best to use.

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Thanks Louis,

I checked the traffic flow API to see what’s available for monitoring traffic conditions in real time. If I understand it well, it gives information on a road segment based on the coordinates of a specific point. But what I need are precise segments with coordinates of departure point and arrival point. So I’m not sure it can be done with the Traffic Flow API.

Can you tell me if I’m right with the summary below?

Routing API:

  • Based on two pairs of coordinates (départure and arrival points).
  • Based on predictions and predictions are made with the input of real time data.

Traffic Flow Api:

  • Based on a unique pair of coordinates and a road segment is calculated automatically.
  • Based on actual traffic measures.

I tried something: with the Traffic Flow Api, you get a bloc of coordinates in the results. I took the first and the last ones of the block and used it to define my segment in the Routing Api and compared the results. They are quite different and I can’t figure out why.

So I still don’t know what to choose. Traffic Flow API seems a natural choice but I need to define the segments precisely myself. On the other side, Routing API is prediction based but these predictions are calculated with real time input. And it would be easier too implement at first sight for my project.

But the question is really: are measures of routing previsions taken every couple of minutes or so a fairly acceptable measure of real time congestion?

If you could help with this matter, it would be very appreciated!

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