Is it allowed to store name and address of places also in our DB?

We are trying to build an app that collects certain additional status information from users about their current location. We store such collected information in our DB. This kind of information is not very useful for us unless we store it in a way that allows us to identify the place easily later. Having to query TomTom API every time we want to identify the place will be very inefficient and ineffective for our requirements. So to identify the place uniquely we need to store it with relation to name and address of place. Will TomTom’s licensing consider storage of such data in our DB as a copyright violation?

@rineez as such it would be a violation of our Terms & Conditions. But we have custom contracts for this type of use cases. I would advise you to contact one of our sales rep to discuss your needs in details. You can fill in the form at the bottom of this page:

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