Introducing EV charging availability and EV long distance routing in Maps SDK for Mobile

Hi Developers,

We’ve added new examples to our Maps SDK for iOS and Android that allow you to display EV charging availability and EV long-distance routing in your mobile products.

EV Charging Stations Availability

The EV Charging Stations Availability shows the availability of relevant charging points based on charging power, connector, and vehicle type. You can use any of the POI searches including Fuzzy Search, Geometry Search, or Along Route Search (see Search API reference)

Check out EV charging availability examples: iOS; Android;

EV Long Distance Routing

The EV Long-distance routing automatically adds charging stops to the route based on several parameters specific to an electric car and driving behavior.

Check out EV Long Distance Routing examples: iOS; Android;

Stay tuned for a video tutorial that can help you get it set up.

We hope these features enable all of you to build cool products supporting EV mobility around the globe.

Happy coding!