iconUrl - How to prevent default icons from displaying?

I’m using Maps SDK for Web 4.47.6.

When I create a marker, and use my own icon, I get it and a default icon - see image.

How to turn off the default icon?

Marker Code:

        const marker1 = tomtom.L.marker(device1Coords, {
           icon: tomtom.L.icon({
                 iconUrl: 'assets/img/mappin-default.png',
                 iconSize: [25, 41],
                 iconAnchor: [17, 70],
                 popupAnchor: [5, -35]

Map Showing Both Icons:

Thanks, Bob

Hi! When you provide an iconUrl it should replace the default marker. That snippet seems to be be fine. Can you double check if you are not adding a second marker?

Please also check this example: https://developer.tomtom.com/maps-sdk-web/functional-examples#custom-markers

If you open it in codepen you can play around with it.

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Hi E.M.

I checked the code again, and did find the error. I had forgotten to remove the default marker.

Here’s The Code I Removed:

      const markers = new L.TomTomMarkersLayer().addTo(theMap);
      markers.setMarkersData([device1Coords, device2Coords]);

Thanks! Bob

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