How to write a good query? ( /search/2/geocode)

I have problem quering for geocode.

For example my query


return a place in south Italy (Puglia region) when instead the address is of the northen city of Piubega.

What I’m doing wrong?

If I search the same query string on I got the right answer

actually this street is “Strada San Cassiano” - that is why geocoding shows results from other municipality at first.

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Via e Stada are used as same word and very exchangeable in italian (like street and road) so error of this kind happen a lot.

So why solve it right?

Gmap too solve it right.

Is there a way to query geocoding stating specific address part? ex: ?stree=&city= so to prevent this kind of errors?

MyDrive uses Fuzzy Search and those results are POIs.

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