How to update maps?

hi, can you help? I’ve purchased a bridge from a third party but cannot figure out how to update the maps. I’m not a developer but have a background in IT support


I’m very sorry but you’ve reached out wrong TomTom department. It seems that you would like to get help with a navigation device. Please find a proper form to fill on this site: . They for sure will be able to help you and assist you much better and quicker.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Hi Mateusz,

Is there a way to upgrade a Tomtom Bridge terminal over the air (I mean without a Micro SD card)?
I add that I’m not talking about a consumer terminal and of course a professional product.

I deployed almost 1,000 devices on the field and more than the same quantity is planned for next.
So it’s an important topic for my customer.

Is there any news on this topic that is very important and urgent for my customer please?

As Mateusz mentioned - this forum is not a channel for Bridge support.
If you purchased a device from a reseller, then he should provide you the support.

Hi Przemek,
Thanks for your answer.
I’m not talking about the Bridge itself but how to upgrade the maps by OTA.

If you know where I can ask someone on this topic, can you please provide me a link to go to?
For you information I contacted my reseller that was surprised that Tomtom community didn’t provide me a support on a technical topic as this one.

Best regards,

From my information your reseller should have an access to proper support for these devices.

Yep, thanks. My reseller just contacted Bridge support. I will see if Bridge is able to provide me an answer.

My reseller cannot provide the support. I’m left with a bridge that won’t update via WiFi, I’m stuck with a computer voice that struggles with Welsh names & doesn’t connect to the WiFi hotshot on my phone. If anybody knows of a developer that could help me in the south wales area I’d be happy to pay for their services