How to rotate marker?

I was looking to rotate a marker so that it has the direction based on the movement. Is there a method to rotate a marker?


Unfortunately, currently, the SDK doesn’t have such a method. We’ll add it as a feature request to the SDK team so that it can be prioritized and implemented in the future.


hi, i am build the gps with web all this ok but i dont can let the polilines always up in the mobile or web page to up in my vision the screen
kind when i go to right the map have rotation…how i can it please

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand.

in my aplication this all ok, but my marker dont rotation stay always on the same position, and when make one curve the map dont rotation automatic
the poliline have always show for up and dont are happen it,how to do for the map rotation automatic when do one curve, i am Brasil
my poliline started away for south en dont north why it, Thanks and sorry my bad english