How to get the example code in "Visualizing TomTom Traffic Index Data with Data Science Tools" to run

Hello! I’ve been trying to learn how to use the traffic APIs. To do so, I’ve been trying to get the examplary code to work, as it is already pretty close to what I’m trying to do. However, the code doesn’t work as is. (Visualizing TomTom Traffic Index Data with Data Science Tools | TomTom Developer Blog)
Here’s what I managed to make of it:

import pandas as pd
import datetime
import urlparse
import requests

API_Key = '****'
base_url = ''

date = datetime.datetime(2021, 5, 1)
departure_time_start_2021 = datetime.datetime(date.year, date.month ,, 6, 0, 0)
day_range = range(0,7)
hour_range = range (0,12)
for i in day_range:
    for j in hour_range:
        # Update the month
        departure_time_2021 = departure_time_start_2021.replace( + i, hour=departure_time_start_2021.hour +j)
        # Format datetime string
        departure_time_2021 = departure_time_2021.strftime('%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S') 
        # Create request URL
        request_params_2021 = (
            urlparse.quote(start) + ":" + urlparse.quote(end)
            + "/json?departAt=" + urlparse.quote(departure_time_2021))
        request_url_2021 = base_url + request_params_2021 + "&key=" + API_Key
        # Get data
        response2021 = requests.get(request_url_2021)
        # Convert to JSON
        json_result_2021 = response2021.json()
        # Get summary
        route_summary_2021 = json_result_2021['routes'][0]['summary']
        # Convert to data frame and append
        if((i == 0) and (j==0)):
            df_2021_daily = pd.json_normalize(route_summary_2021)
            df_2021_daily = df_2021_daily.append(pd.json_normalize(route_summary_2021), ignore_index=True) 
            print(f"Retrieving data: {i+1} / {len(day_range)}")

But I don’t know what to make out of the following line:

request_params_2021 = (urlparse.quote(start) + ":" + urlparse.quote(end)+ "/json?departAt=" + urlparse.quote(departure_time_2021))

as the variables “start” and “end” aren’t defined. Does anybody know what could be meant by that?

start and end are used to build the URL. To be more precise - those are locations for Routing API Calculate Route service.

Please note that this service was not designed for such cases and our TnC doesn’t allow to store results.