How to build "Long Distance EV Routing" route with instructions?

Hello. I’d like to buid a “Long Distrance EV Routing” route with turn-by-turn instructions. I have found so far that my only option is first to request “LDEVR” route for two points and then request route for same points from “Calculate Route” API. From “Calculate Route” response I need only instructions which I will use for my route requested from LDEVR API. But theese two routes sometimes doesn’t match. Is it possible to make them match in all cases? So far I only tried setting
in “Calculate Route” request to make it match with LDEVR request as much as possible. But seems like it’s not enough. Thanks.

I would try to get the last points from each leg of Long Distance EV Routing response and add them as a waypoints for Calculate route.

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The problem is they don’t match even with single leg.

Even after adding these waypoints?

Yes. On this picture red is “LDEVR” and blue is “Calculate route”. I used first and last point of each leg from LDEVR as waypoints for “Calculate route”.