How to avoid unproper behaviour of tomtom.centerOn(...)

I think this method works in two phases
First phase - zoom in on current position
Second phase - zoom out from current position and zoom in provided as a parameter position,
And the result look like a “frog jump”.

How to avoid this?
Is it necessary to gather and zoom in current position in first phase? Actually I do expect only second phase for method centerOn(...).
Here is the log:

D/MAP-CLICK: onLocalizeMeClickListener
V/l: getZoomLevel() : 15.499999999999963
V/l: getZoomLevel() : 15.499999999999963
V/l: getMapFocalPoint() : [52.38931, 16.884695]
D/aa: getCenterOfMap 52,389309, 16,884695
D/aa: zoomTo center LatLng(latitude=52.38930892944336, longitude=16.884695053100586)zoom level=15.5
V/l: setCameraPosition(cameraPosition = CameraPosition{(=52.38930892944336,  , =16.884695053100586, ) zoom=15.5, bearing=-1.0})
V/l: setCameraPosition(cameraPosition = CameraPosition{(=52.4119467,  , =16.9178501, ) zoom=15.5, bearing=-1.0})

This text: onLocalizeMeClickListener I put before calling centerOn(...) method.

Hi Radosław.

Which centerOn(...) version you are using? Can you share the sample code and the SDK version?