How to add a new map color style in Android TomTom Go from JSON (Map Styler)?

Sorry for the potentially dumb question, I’m rather new on TomTom.
All I want to do is to replace the current map color style in TomTom Go (Android) with the slightly modified new “Mono” style, available in Map Styler. I’ve already made the few changes and exported the modified color scheme as JSON file.

So, what is the next step?

I need just changing the appearance of the already installed TomTom Go map view; building a new one or embedding in an other app is obviously out of question. Thanks!

Is it that you want to change the style in TomTom Go app?

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Yes, it’s true.
Specifically I want to have a third option here, or to replace – say – the “Classic” style to my new “Modified Mono” style.

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Do you mean that it’s impossible to achieve what i want? Or just is out of scope of this forum?

I’m pretty much sure that on older TomToms this thing was an easy task, but the procedure the sources referred on is not working anymore.

It is out of the scope of this forum.