How to add a circle with tt.API?

is it possible to add a circle to the map, like it’s done in leaflet?

I already add can markers with the tt API with the command, :

let marker = tt.marker( [ 51.5, 4.4 ] ).addTo( map)

but now I would like to add a circle with the tt API, like it’s done in leaflet:
let circle = [ 52.0, 4.8 ], {
color: ‘red’,
fillColor: ‘cyan’,
fillOpacity: 1,
radius: 1000
}).addTo( map)

The same question for line and polygon (because I don’t want to add these as GeoJson objects for performance reasons).

it possible to add a layer with a circle by adding a layer that can be defined using this docs: Map Style Specification | Map Display API

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hi Przemek,

thanks for your reply.

I think that I don’t yet understand your suggestion to use the map styling: even in that case I have to fill a layer with the circle objects? The thing is, I just would like to add these circles (dynamically) on the map.

From the past I understood that the tt-API is build like/derived from the Leaflet API, so what I am looking for is a call like the, as is possible for the tt.marker.

Would that be possible?

thank for your help.

Old version of the SDK was based on Leaflet. Current is not.

Thanks for your answer.