Historical traffic data

Hi, I would like to recieve historical congestion information for USA cities. Where can I find geographical coordinates for the whole city ( for e.g. New York) which needs to be provided using Traffic API. Also which years of hourly historical congestion data are available for USA cities?

For historical traffic data check this site: https://www.tomtom.com/products/historical-traffic-stats/

I’ve checked that site and still have the questions that I have asked above.

Polygons or bounding boxes of geographies can be retrieved from Search API: https://developer.tomtom.com/search-api/search-api-documentation-search/fuzzy-search
which returns bounding box, viewport and an ID for Additional Data endpoint
which returns coordinates of a polygon if present.

For USA we have data from 2016: https://developer.tomtom.com/traffic-stats/market-coverage

My Fuzzy search API to find NYC bounding box is not returning anything:

Do you have an example of API calls that returns whole city information?

Let’s try setting query param to the city name:


First result contains something like:

"dataSources": {
    "geometry": {
      "id": "some-id"

which you can use with the Additional Data endpoint.

Can you please advice if I’ve received through traffic API information for each segment with probe count, distance and speed limit, how can I convert this information into the overall Congestion Level for the whole area that was mapped around? Similar to how you do for Traffic Congestion Index for the cities?

I basically just want to be able to recreate public TomTom per city data, just with more flexibility and control.

Also if i have choose two time ranges lets say 1-3pm and 5-6pm are the results averaged for both hours?


There will be a webinar that will cover this topic. I suggest to sign up.