Historical traffic data area coverage

Dear TomTom team,

I have a couple of questions regarding the Traffic stats API:
1. I have tried the Area Analysis using a test account and the results were not covering all roads in the chosen area. Is the API providing data only for certain categories of roads or this is due to limitations of the free account?
2. I have tried to contact your team about pricing options using the contact form but I haven’t received any answers, so is there another way to get this information?

Thank you for your time!


Hello Lilia,

Answering your questions:

  1. Please make sure you have specified that you want to have all the FRCs.
    Here, in the JSON example request section, you can see the example of what FRCs and how should be provided in the request.
  2. I have asked the Sales Team to contact you on your email address.

In case of any questions related to Traffic Stats. O/D Analysis, Route Monitoring or RER please contact Move Support (movesupport@tomtom.com). We are happy to help and answer your questions!

Best regards,
Anastasiia Kulenko
Move Support

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