Help understanding get objects count in the fence

So, I have created a fence at a particular coordinate and with a 1000m radius. Now I create an object with given request parameter from the docs. I need to find if this object is present in the above fence. There is an Api to Get objects count in the fence but my question is how will it know at
which coordinates the object present.

Below is the request body format

  "name": "object_name",
  "defaultProject": "project_id",
  "properties": {
    "key": "value"

There is no mention of coordinates. How does the api determine which objects are inside the fence?

What you are looking for is Report service

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That is not what I’m looking for. In report service you need to pass coordinates as parameter. I don’t want that. Get objects count in the fence api it returns objects that are present inside the fence. I used the Send position api to update the coordinates of the objects. The issue is that Get objects api doesnt return the objects even tho the objects are inside the fence.

Send position is an endpoint of Location history API, which doesn’t calculate object relation to the fence.
To update coordinate of the object to be used with geofencing you need to use Report service of Geofencing API.