Head/stable version for css and js

I was wandering if it is possible to add a head or stable version of the maps-web.min.js, maps.css, and traffic-incidents.css?

My code is now running fine. Now I want to have the latest maps-web.min.js and traffic.incidents.css for my page for all time. So, that I don’t have to change my code.

For example
change to

Hi @Joris6,

currently we are still in public preview, meaning that we are still introducing features and performance improvements. If everything goes according to plan, we should leave public preview in the next few months.
In any case the SDK shouldn’t change much, we are committed to not introduce any regressions or breaking changes in the new releases.

We don’t have in our plans to provide a CDN link with ‘stable’, you should use one of the versions available in developer portal, as this is the recommend approach. We will continue to release new versions with more features, but once we go out of public preview, if you use a specific version the code won’t change, if you are happy with it and you don’t need new features you are not required to update it.

I would suggest to keep an eye on the release notes and see if there’s something new that could benefit you.

While we are still in public preview we recommend to use the newest versions, for example in 5.39.0 there was a performance improvement on the map load.


Thanks for the clarification.