Having difficulties converting the geometry being received by the API

I’m receiving a type of geometry when consulting the Vector Flow Tiles that I can’t seem convert to other coordinate systems.

This is a geometry example:
MULTILINESTRING ((940 4046,1030 4012,1178 3966,1236 3944),(1240 3950,982 4044,966 4052,946 4058),(1604 3858,1596 3876,1598 3914,1610 3950,1640 4074,1646.38709677419 4096.0),(1636 4096,1634 4094,1622 4064,1620 4048,1612 4026))

This geometry is supposed to be in the south region of Brazil.

I understand that the API uses the tile grid system, but even when I convert the coordinates using the function presented by the OSM wiki, I still can’t identify it (since it is supposed to give the coordinates in EPSG:3857).

Can someone help me?

Hi Victor,

Another thread is already discussing this: Parsing Incident flow API response