Getting started with Maps SDK for iOS

I’m getting started/trying out the Maps SDK for iOS. For this “search along a route” use case. In Step 6 - “Copy and paste your API key into a Info.plist file” – I’m not sure where to add it – in my SearchAlongARoute/SearchAlongARoute/Info.plist or in a new SearchAlongARoute/Info.plist (bottom dir)?

Hi Leah!

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There should be only one Info.plist file inside your project I think - this one:

Please find a screens from the Info.plist file and project structure below:


Thanks very much Mateusz! User error - I was looking at the default XCode Info.plist file (not from my cloned repo). I’ve downloaded the entire use case again using the link you provided, and am back up and running. Big thanks for answering on a Saturday, I was happy to see your answer.