Getting HTTP 429 Error

Dear Tomtom Team,

We are trying to make an application for searching nearby amenities using TomTom CategorySearch Api’s, while sending the requests we are getting HTTP 429 Error –“Too many requests”.

When we went to read the documentation against it it actually says the limit of 5 request per sec , and the exception mentioned is for Extended Search API and Point of Interest. We are actually making around 10 calls per sec, and were under the impression that “CategorySeach” which are mostly our calls comes under POI (mentioned in exception). Sample API we are using”, “headers”: {} }

If above is not correct or need some configuration on TomTom side to overcome this restriction, kindly help us. If we have to change our API category to avoid it , should also be fine.

This 1 sec delay might actually cause user experience very low.

Category search has a standard limit of 5 requests per second.