Geofencing Api Process

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I want to create a geofencing ads , i using the geofencing api to create a object and the fences , i want to sent a Push Notification on device when i m in fence . so i followed the below steps (Not getting any desired result)

  1. Create Key and Admin Key
  2. Create Project with Key
  3. Create Object under that Project
  4. Create Fence under that Project
  5. Create Notification with webhook url
    6 Create Alert and assign Notification Group to that Alert
    then i go in to that fence with that object(device), but i did not get that , I have checked that reports for fence as well as object , but i can not get those desired reports

Jose and Olivia created a video about using Notifications API:

Let me know if that helped

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Thanks for sharing that, can you provide me whole set of documentation

Can you provide me gitlab link that code stuff.

Geofencing API documentation: link
Notifications API documentation: link

Code from this video was not shared unfortunately.

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