Geocode get request with lat and lon doesn't give me the result


I want to get from geocode get request with “Lat” and “Lon” the information about my position: City, county, states, etc … but I got nothing, the result is empty

There is the request I’m doing:,7.2290288.json?key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&limit=1&language=en-US&entityTypeSet=CountrySecondarySubdivision,Municipality&countrySet=fr

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Jean-Baptiste,
The functionality you’re looking for is reverse geocoding (Reverse Geocode | Search API). With reverse geocoding you provide a lat/lon as query and you can specify which entities you would like to have as a result (municipality, country, etc).

The request would look like this:,7.2290288.json?key=***&language=en-US&entityType=CountrySecondarySubdivision,Municipality

Hope this helps.


@Wouter-SearchPM You are wonderful :slight_smile: Thank you so much

I wish you a good day :slight_smile: