Find sequence like API here

How to sequence waypoints?

Can you describe more on your question?

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If you use calculate route, then you can use the computeBestOrder param described at

computeBestOrder boolean Re-orders the route waypoints with a fast heuristic algorithm to reduce the overall route length. Yields best results when used in conjunction with routeType shortest.
Possible boolean values are:
true (compute a better order, if possible; not allowed to be used in conjunction with maxAlternatives value greater than 0 ; not allowed to be used in conjunction with circle waypoints). The Response will include the optimized waypoint indices.
false (use the locations in the given order). Not allowed to be used in conjunction with routeRepresentation=none .

computeBestOrder=true (route optimization) does not work and Tom Tom is in no hurry to correct it per their support email to me.

“Indeed, the route optimization functionality requires further improvements what has been reported to our Product Managers.”

“At this moment, I am unable to specify the time as we have just raised the described problem to the relevant people in the business. It may definitely not happen this year, but I am sure it will be prioritized in 2020.”


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Ok! thank you for help me but…
On the shortest path between Start and End, the Tomtom API is not so good.
To get a shorter path between the points, I put 2 random addresses between the beginning and the end and the Tomtom API gave me 10 coordinates.
Api Mapquest gives me a shorter path between points, without returning the coordinates more than the ones I entered.
Api Tomtom: Enter 4 coordinates and return many.
Api Mapquest: enter 4 coordinates and return only 4. Therefore, I will not use Tomtom Routing, but I will use other services of the company.