Fetch blocked by privacy-gateway

Hi There,

I want to test using FuzzySearch and Autocomplete on my company’s website, to allow users to search for an address and then prepopulate the found/selected address, into form field inputs. I’ve basically lifted the code from the “Search with autocomplete” example:

However, this API end point is being blocked, when I try to make a GET request: - https://api.tomtom.com/search

And I get the following error:

fetch blocked by privacy-gateway

Do you know why this might be? Here’s the fetch I’m making:

fetch("https://api.tomtom.com/search/2/search/21%20high%20street.json?key=MY_API_KEY&typeahead=true&limit=10&language=en-GB&countrySet=GB&minFuzzyLevel=1&maxFuzzyLevel=2", {
    method: "GET",
    headers: {
        "Content-Type": "application/json"
    mode: 'cors'
    .then(response => {
        if (!response.ok) {
            return Promise.reject(response);
        return response.json();
    .then(data => {
        console.log("Success", data);
    .catch(error => {
        console.log("Fetch error", error);


I’ve tried this request on my machine (outside the TomTom network), and it works as expected.

Are the Web sdk examples working on your machine?

We use fetch internally.

Thanks, EM