Feedback needed on version 5

Dear Community,

I am a product owner for the Maps SDK for Web. Version 5 is currently in public preview, so there’s time to experiment and be creative. Before we stabilize and go for the general availability, I would like to pick your brains on how you like our SDK (ver. 5 of it to be precise).

Which parts of the library are the most relevant from your perspective?
Would you like to have something changed in a public interface of the library?
Do you miss any convenience mechanism or any particular functionality?

Please, do share your ideas.

Thank you,


First of all, I would like to congratulate you of a very good product. You and your team should be proud of it.
When it comes to your questions I would suggest providing more tutorials and examples showing how to do simple things like adding a new layer, measure distances, changing map’s style, etc.
I also feel that map style specification could be improved.
All in all, your SDK is fun to use. Keep up the good work!


Thanks a lot @Jones99. The things mentioned by you are coming.
I hope that you will stay satisfied with the improvements that we will keep introducing to our SDK.

I think the SDK is pretty good, we have converted everything from Google to TomTom and only lost very minor functionality that didn’t really matter anyway.

I’d like to see further development on the account management side:

  1. The ability to setup restrictions on wildcard domains that can use the API key - this would prevent unwarranted use of an API key. Google already do this and have a console where you can manage these yourself.
  2. Better reporting on API calls - I’d like to have the ability to drill down into different products that use an API key, we tag each of our screens in our application with a different product name in the hope that in the future we can do this

Apart from that, keep up the good work!


Thank you very much @Apex_Networks - I am glad to hear that migration was smooth. I will pass your requests to the respective service teams.

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Hi @brozak, just trying out version 5… am I just not seeing it in the docs or has marker clustering been dropped as a feature?

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Hi @lee.driscoll.orbis - we are adding an example showing how to do this with ver 5. It should be available next week. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


@brozak that’s great news. I also have a question regarding installation. Is there a plan to host the library on NPM? bBeing able to npm install tomtom would make it easier to use in a babel/bundler environment.

@lee.driscoll.orbis we are already available via npm!

And via CDN as well :slight_smile:


Markers clustering in v5:,code,markers-clustering.html

Hello, I just started using v5 with Angular 8. The integration tutorial is useful but do you guys plan on adding Types/ Typescript support? Also i am having a hard time finding how to refresh/reload source data (i want to move the map and just refresh my points without removing layers and source every time).

There are no plans to include Typescript types definitions.

To solve your problem (update data without removing sources) you can use:

const source = map.getSource(sourceId);

Too see those methods in action, take a look at Distance measurement example:

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