[faq] How does Extended Search work?

EV Charging Stations Availability is part of the Extended Search API and works in combination with the Search API. To retrieve availability status of an EV Charging Station, the following sequence of requests to the Search API and Extended Search API is required from the user/developer:

  • First, use the Search API to retrieve a list of EV Charging Stations Points of Interest (‘POIs’) in an area. One request returns up to 100 POIs. You can filter the results to show only charging stations that support a specific connector type.
  • If an EV Charging Station POI has Availability information available, the results will contain a Charging Availability ID.
  • Use this Charging Availability ID to query the Extended Search API - EV Charging Stations Availability. The API will return current availability status for that EV Charging Station. One request returns the availability for one EV Charging Station.

More information can be found in our API documentation or on this EV Applications use case page.

The availability of dynamic information can vary over time as it relies on information provided by charging stations network operators. For some countries, the availability of dynamic information fluctuates more than usual. This can lead to a higher-than-normal amount of “unknown” availability status responses. Requests with an “unknown” status response use your TomTom credits, so please evaluate the data for these countries before going into production.

Refer to our coverage page for more information on country coverage and expected quality levels.