Failed to create Frontend Plugin

We are trying to insert our own UI into the digital cockpit SDK example. For this, we try first to follow the example given in the developer documentation in order to grasp the idea of how the plugin works and create.

Doing so we are getting an error in gradle file while building. Any idea how to resolve this issue?

Hi Audacia,

Happy to see you trying out to use your own UI into the TomTom Digital Cockpit SDK example! :slight_smile: From the screenshot, it looks like you’re following this tutorial: Create a Frontend Plugin | TomTom Digital Cockpit. Is that possible?

Is there a way we can access your source code so we can verify the code changes you have been applying? We would like to offer a second pair of eyes here and try to solve your issue!

Thanks in advance,

thank you for your time and support.
Yes, we are following that example. How can we share our code with you so that you can access it or we can share more screens of the required file?

Best Regards

Hi Audacia,

It looks like from your screenshot that your source files like AccountFrontendBuilder.kt are in the package “” but the tutorial assumes those files are in “”. If you put all your source files in package “”, can you progress further?

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