Export Route to mobile device

I am very new to this API and have the following question: Is it possible to download the routes from the direction API in some format (GPX), or how can I export them on a Mobile device?
Thank you!

Routing API doesn’t return responses in GPX format, but it should not be hard to translate the response.
Can you explain more on what is your case?

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I want to build a tool which consists of a web app in which routes (multiple stops) can be calculated and displayed (this is not a problem) but then also a mobile app in which the driver can start a route and gets navigation instructions based on his location.

Any answer?
I have about the same question.
How can routes be transferred to a navigation app, to get turn by turn navigation?
With the Maps SDK for Web can make gpx files of routes.
The gpx file can be downloaded, en uploaded to mydrive, so it will be available in Tomtom Go, but that is not a verry user friendly way.
How to send the route directly to a navigation app?
Or is it posible to send the route with an api call you mydrive?
Or must i make a navigation app myself to make that possible?

It would have been great to find this page as answered instead of left hanging. I would have thought uploading to the Tom-Tom app as being a required feature of the service.