EV Routing - How to get details of a charging station?

Hi, I’m using long distance EV routing to plan a route. All works fine but now we want to get some information about the charging station itself.

In a response inside chargingInformationAtEndOfLeg object I see:
“chargingParkUuid”: “d742bb00-d00d-3f6d-1b26-433e00153b86”

But how can I retrieve details of this charging park? I looked through the documentation but did not find anything, anybody has any idea where to get this information?

This ID can be used to retrieve this charging station availability - https://developer.tomtom.com/search-api/search-api-documentation/ev-charging-stations-availability

Info, like name of this POI or address can be searched by using fuzzy or POI search.

Hi @maloleps , how would you suggest to use the POI search API to retrieve information for the charge station retrieved from the LongDistanceEVRouting API?
From the response I only see the coordinates and the chargingParkUuid (that I cannot use in the POI search)

You can always just use fuzzy search with query like “charging station” with lat,lon from coordinates of this station. That should return it as a first result.