EV Charging Stations Availability API - 'connectors' gives empty list

#build url
country_url = base_url+'/search/'+version_number+'/poiSearch/'+country_set+ext+'?key='+api_key+'&limit='+limit

#call POI API
response = requests.get(country_url).json()
results = response['results']

for poi in results:
    id = poi['id']

#call EV Charging Stations Availability API
    availability_url = base_url+'/search/'+version_number+'/chargingAvailability'+ext+'?chargingAvailability='+id+'&key='+api_key
    response_availability = requests.get(availability_url).json()

I get the POI ids as expected but feeding those to the Availability API returns the 'connectors' list as empty:
{'connectors': [], 'chargingAvailability': 'm68_crL32HURA1ys1jGhXQ'}
{'connectors': [], 'chargingAvailability': 'pPFCAHoLf74I1ivN9ZjoNQ'}
{'connectors': [], 'chargingAvailability': 'K_euU2LMVbDvK1lcpfeljA'}

I noticed a similar topic where it was said that POIs without dynamic data would give this empty connector list but I have tried about 200 POI’s and all were empty. I see no parameter to check if a POI has dynamic data.

I appreciate any help!

In which country did you check?
At Market Coverage | EV Charging Stations Availability API | TomTom Developer Portal you can check the market coverage.