Endpoint for adding locations to be taken in consideration

I am working at an app that generates routes for Electric Vehicles.

Given a point A where it starts, the percentage the car is charged and the point B where the user want to go I should be able to generate a route with intermediate points where the car should be charged and for how long. I found that TomTom already have such thing implemented.

The problem is that users can register their own charging stations (personal) such that other users can charge their EV there. So I should be able to consider these charging stations as valid intermediate points if the charging station is compatible (I should be able to provide compatible charging stations only).

My question now is if there is any API endpoint that let me send some coordinates that may be taken in consideration when calculating the route. Or if I missed something in the documentation of the API please let me know.

With Routing API Calculate Route endpoint if you provide third location between the starting point and the destination then this third one is a waypoint.