Emulate a TomTom PRO with WEBFLEET?

Hi. We wish to replicate an issue between our products, WEBFLEET API, and a TomTom PRO 5350.

Can we emulate the destinations/cancellations to a TomTom PRO with WEBFLEET?

AFAIK, we can get a 2-month contract with WEBFLEET. We may have to £££ a TomTom PRO 5350, which is the entry model for WEBFLEET. Neither our customer nor their reseller has surplus stock for loan. Our concern is new TomTom products being bought to market – our TomTom GO715 model had originally linked to WEBFLEET.

I can see a TomTom WEBFLEET Mobile APK v1.2.8, but this is NO NAVIGATION app.

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Hi Mark,

On this forum we support TomTom Maps APIs, while Webfleet is actually a 3rd party solution.
So this question should be directed to Webfleet.