"Duplicated" search results in some situation when searching POI?

Hi all,

Not sure if others have experience the following situation:
If you search POI (for example), sometimes it gives you “duplicated” result even you limit your search to one country.

Example 1:
Country: Australia
Keyword search: Lavender Tasmania

Duplicated result: Port Arthur Lavender (The business name)
Differences between these results: One without Street number but has a website whereas the other one has street number included but not the website.

One more example is:
Country: Australia
Search words: Bridestowe Lavender Tasmania
Returned results: 4: 1) Bridestowe Lavender Estate, 2) Bridestowe Lavender Farm 3) Bridestowe Estate Lavender Farm 4) Bridestow Lavender Estate
Differences: #1 result has all detail: Full Street address , phone and website
#2 result has all detail: Full Street address , phone and website but name is not same as #1
#3 Address missing street number, business name is not same as the first 1 and 2
#4 Missing phone number and website. But the business name is same as the first 1.

Are there others here have similar issue?

Thank you.



We will take a look at this.

The team is aware of the problem and is working on reducing duplicates.

If a particular issue is more important for you then you can report it via Map Share Reporter.