Draw polyline on map from Routing api Result(encoded poyline points)

i am working on iOS app.routing api with optimization working fine for me. I’m retrieving coordinates from JSON. for small distance its easy for app to convert those coordinates into polyline but when there is alot of distance from 1 location to another…application run out of memory because its very difficult to convert those cooridinates into polyline.
i need encoded polyline points so i can draw polyline between points easily.

i need these kind of points to draw polyline.
" * “points”: “oxg_Iy|ppAl@wCdE}LfFsN|@Ej@eEtAaMh@sGVuDNcDb@{PFyGdAi]FoC?q@sXQ@?”,
if some one can help me.i shall be very thank full.

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Unfortunately, we don’t provide such functionality. We will submit a ticket to the Routing API team and we will let you know if there will be more details.