Does the fuzzy search handle query in multiple languages

I am currently having difficulties using fuzzy search with different languages other than English

Can you give an example of what request is not working as you expect?

                key: '${Config.TOMTOM_MAP_WEBSDK_KEY}',
                query: searchQuery.trim(),
                //categorySet: '7309',
                center: locationToSearch,
                //connectorSet: connectorSelector.getSelectedOptions().join(','),
                language: 'en-GB',
                boundingBox: locationToSearch.toBounds(100000).toArray(),
                //minPowerKW: minPowerValue,
                //maxPowerKW: maxPowerValue

in this request if the query is inputted any other lang other than eng then the search is not working correctly

This is just a very generic code. Please, give some example requests.

For the search query attribute in fuzzy search if the input text in arabic text then the fuzzy search is not working as expected

Please look into this as our core feature relies on this one

I have checked with Arabic and I could perform query for shops in Poland:محل.json?countrySet=PL&lat=49.706377&lon=19.235687&language=ar&minFuzzyLevel=1&maxFuzzyLevel=2&view=Unified&key=*****
and I got similar results when using ‘sklep’ in Polish, ‘shop’ in English or ‘laden’ in German.

Hi @maloleps sorry but can you try with Search query Charging station both in arabic and English I am getting different results. Please look into this issue as we have most of our app built on tom tom maps but this feature is crucial for our app roll out. we may look for other map api’s