Does Map API work inside mainland China?


We have been experimenting with the Map REST API. So far, we are liking what we see. However, we have been unable to figure out if the API works out of China. We do not have a way to spin up a server in mainland China to try it out. We have looked at TomTom Map Display API - Market Coverage, but cannot tell if “Market Coverage” means we can see the map of China from a different country (e.g. USA), or the maps will work from within mainland China.

We are building a web app and mobile apps (iOS and Android) for worldwide consumption. The apps will make extensive use of maps to display locations of interest to our user community.

My questions are:

  1. Would the Map API work if a user in mainland China access our app? Specifically, will the maps render and will all map related functionality be available? Please note that I am not talking about accuracy of the locations here. Rather, I am trying to figure out if the map will render and if the user can interact with map functions such as pan, zoom, draw polygons, click on a pin and see details in a pop-up, etc.

  2. Is there anything special we need to do to make maps work in mainland China? E.g. maybe we have to detect the country, and based on the country access a different CDN. Or maybe we have to make a completely different set of API calls and so on.

Thanks for your help!

There is nothing special to do in order to see the map in China. If TomTom detects that the request is sent from China, it will automatically apply Chinese geopolitical view. You can test how the map will look like by using view=CN in requests sent from outside of China. You can read more about the views here.

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