Developer Over Qpm

If you make too many requests per minute you are greeted by

<h1>Developer Over Qpm</h1>

This is a horrible response for two reasons - it’s not in the defined XML response format and why should you limit me from spending my money making API calls without giving me an option to configure this value?

We’ve got around this issue by exponentially backing off the requests until it works again but that’s not really how it should work.

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Hi Dan,

You are right about the response format - it would be better that it responds with the format that was requested.

Quota limitations are something natural in API world. We must ensure best availability to all our customers.

Hi Dan,

Each API has a threshold of a certain number of API calls per second/minute that you are allowed to execute. These thresholds are described here (question #2): In case your application needs more queries per second/minute, we’re happy to help you further with a custom proposal and modify that for you. To increase these thresholds, please reach out to our sales representative here: (form at the bottom of the page).