Developer Inactive

Hey all, I just signed up for a key to try out the geocoding API and I’m getting a Developer Inactive error. I’m taking the example from the docs and can’t get it to work. Looking at “My First API Key”, I see the geocoding API turned on w/ a red checkmark. Any help is appreciated!

I’ve tried postman, curl, and browser url. I’ve tried with and without the {} around my api key.

Here is a what my request looks like.
URL Ruijterkade 154, 1011 AC, Amsterdam.json?key={mykey} Ruijterkade 154, 1011 AC, Amsterdam.json?key=mykey

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Sorry not a solution, reporting in to say I’m having the same issue :cry:

I ended up creating a new key that only had geocoding turned on and that worked for me, hopefully that helps you too!

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ill give it a try! thanks for the tip.

Worked for me - thank you!