Developer Inactive Error Message (1)

I try [{API_KEY}&point=52.41072,4.84239] and the result is
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

Developer Inactive

How to fix it?

There was an issue with your user account. can you try now?

So which issue my account have? And I can try now?

It was a technical issue. You can try use your API key now. It should work fine now.

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Yeah, it work. But this API is real time? I’ve been updating it for 30 minutes and it hasn’t changed anything

This query returns currently segment on s101 - Nieuwe Hemweg. Does the traffic on that road changes often? Have you tried with some more busy road?

Oh, yeah, it work. But this api can extract data in the past?

This one returns only current traffic. For historical traffic data I’d suggest to use Traffic Stats.

Oh, and I want to ask you another question. Does tomtom have an api that can extract traffic volume?

No, we don’t have such data.

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