Customized Marker creation issue

In the code I have uploaded, at line number 78 and 79, I have following code:
var marker = new tt.Marker({element : elementX}).setLngLat( event.lngLat).addTo(this.mapObject);
var marker = new tt.Marker().setLngLat( event.lngLat).addTo(this.mapObject);

The difference between the above two lines is, in the first, the Constructor is given html element and in the second, default constructor is used.
The issue is, when I try to create marker using constructor that takes html element, (and commenting next line) the marker is not displayed on the map.
But when I use default constructor (and comment previous line), the default Tomtom marker is displayed. Can’t guess what is the issue with new tt.Marker({element : elementX}).


The issue was again due to unavailable class/.css file. When the class /css is not found, the sdk should throw error. It does not and we don’t have clue what is going wrong.