Custom Annotation (Marker)

Hi there, is it possible to create a custom annotation like the image below using the new iOS sdk or the old one?


Where the text in the middle, the badge number and the “lightning bolt” icon are dynamic. Is it possible?

Best Regards

João Moreira

Markers can be customized:

and for the labels:

marker.label = MarkerLabelOptions(text: "Label", fontURI: fontURI)
marker.label?.textAppearance.textAnchoring = .center
marker.label?.textAppearance.textSize = 20
marker.label?.textAppearance.textColor = .white

Hi, thanks for responding. For what I’ve read in the documentation you can specify an icon image which will be positioned on top of the pin image, but the documentation doesn’t specify if I can change the position of the icon image or apply some padding to it, is this supported? How many icon images can a marker have? And regarding the texts to achieve what I was asked to I would need two labels one for the price and one for the badge number, how many labels can a marker have? Again the documentation doesn’t specify that as well. By the way is it possible to define a size for the marker too? Thanks again.

Best Regards,

João Moreira