Could it be that the map provided by the API is wrong?

I’m using tomtom’s service for geocoding streets from my city and then showing the est route for deliveries for those streets, but checking the map provided by tomtom against the maps provided by google maps i see a lot of discrepancy, this all thing started when i realized that sometimes tomtom’s geocode endpoint responds without the street number, but it does give a great lat and long values nevertheless for the adress searched, but when i add markers to those points in the map even tough the coordinates are correct the entire map seems to have streets wrongfully named or even in difrent places. Am i missing something? Are tomtom maps up to date? What suggestions would you give me?

I’d suggest to send reports at Mapshare.
What region are you referring to?

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Thanks for the response! Im from Argentina, the problematic areas are mostly in municipality: Yerba Buena, Province: Tucumán.