Cost of truck navigation system


My name is Stef Peek and I’m working on a school project.

I have a question about the truck navigation system.
What did it cost to develop it?
What did it cost to produce it?
What are the parts and software you need to develop and produce it.


The Truck Navigation System have a quite broad meaning. All costs are highly dependent on functionalities which you want to have there, how fast you want to develop it, what scale you are thinking of. From our side, you have 2500 routing calls per day for free which might be even too much for a school project.



It is for a business plan i need to create. So do you have an example/average cost and time for me?

Is there maybe someone from The Netherlands I can give a call to ask the questions more accurate in my own language?

Stef Peek


Like I said in the previous post, your requirements are too broad to give you any reasonable costs estimation. It might be 100 dollars up to more than 1 million dollars. I think that you should contact any software house company for that. After providing more details, they will be able to help you.


If you don’t mind me interrupting. My team are currently undergoing a similar process. We shopped around and believe TomTom to be one of the better services. If it’s estimates you need for a business case, I do not mind sharing with you. Just send me a private message and I’ll help to the best of my ability.

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Hi @Stef_Peek,
Did you get an answer to your request, as I have the same than yours.

I have to integrate a turn by turn navigation solution in our mobile app application, and I have difficulties to get informations.

Thanks for your quick reply.