Copyright requirements for the Traffic APIs


I’m not sure I understand the copyright notice requirements when using the Traffic APIs.

For traffic flow, are there copyright requirements at all? In the terms, it only says

Your use of any trade names, logos, trademarks, service marks and other marks of TomTom is subject to TomTom’s prior written approval. Any goodwill arising out of the use thereof shall inure to the benefit of TomTom. In addition, for any of the Maps API services which automatically generate a TomTom logo or copyright notice, you agree not to remove, obscure, mask or change any logo and/or copyright notice. For all other Maps API services, you agree to implement to the TomTom Copyright API in order to generate the applicable copyright and logo attribution.

So as I understand, for Flow, there is not such copyright API, correct?

For incidents, I seem to understand that some copyright information must be displayed and should be obtained through the viewport API:

  • When the copyright parameter value is true , this contains the full text of the copyright information that must be displayed with the tiles in the viewport.
  • When it is false , it indicates which copyright holders must be cited but does not list them out.

In the API explorer, coypright = true returns a URL to

Am I expected to display this exact URL or should I refer to information on that page? It states there that one should display some copyright notices, based on coverage location. Is there API to implement this?

If I’m supposed to add this URL, is there some guidelines for when you need to display this data on a non-interactive screen? Something where you cannot click links.

Could anyone clarify?

Thanks in advance

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The copyrights API can be used both for traffic display and maps display use cases: When you are using the Web or Android/iOS SDKs, the copyright notices are implemented by default. When you are using the Maps API or Traffic API directly, the copyrights API should be used.

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I see.

What is then the purpose of the copyright parameter in the viewport API?

On the Web SDK example, there is a small “© TomTom” in the bottom, which is a hyperlink to the more lengthy copyright description. Is there any way to comply with TomTom’s terms without showing the whole text at all times, if using a hyperlink / button like that is not a possibility?

Use case: I am writing an open source module for raspberry pi, to show traffic for a predefined location, on a monitor that does not have any user input at all. I could add a link but it would never be clickable.

Thanks for the help.

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For this use case, you can use the copyrights API to get the full copyright notice for the region(s) applicable to your use-case. You will then need to display these copyright notices in a clearly legible manner in the “about box” or equivallent section for legal notices of your application.