Compliance with Terms and Conditions

Hi,I’m trying to develop a project that analyze real time traffic informations of the roads of a small city and send the relevant information to a few message board on the street and to a team that monitor severe cases. I was reading the terms and conditions and I’m not sure if I can develop some scenario.

Can I use the api results in a message board on the street or is it considered scaling the results to multiple end user?
Can I use part of the results to train a machine learning model (the result will be used to update the model and not saved) and share the output of the model to different users?
If I wanted to scale some of the result to multiple user can I create a new request for each of them only if in separate request i saw some information I want to share?
If I send some result to the monitoring team will I need to create a new api request for each member of the team?