Changing from Google Api to Tomtom Api


When i currently use this in my config which works correct with Google Maps Api. What do i need to change it too exactly (while using tomtom api key) to make it work with tomtom ?



Where do this come from? Is this a part of some library?

No it is the config.xml file of traccar server.

So what is the equivalent of to be used for tomtom api with the above code ?

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Traccar is not our tool and currently from what I can see TomTom Maps APIs are not supported.
You could ask maintainers of Traccar to add support for TomTom Maps APIs.

@Api are you part of Traccar? Perhaps we could assist!

OK, it occurred that it is not that hard to add TomTom support in Traccar.
Once this PR is merged and the new release is created you can test it.

Thank you, Przemek Malolepszy i will Test that.

Can you also please check if the same can be done for Gelocation for WIFI and LBS acces points.

As shown above.

We don’t have such service.

There is a new Traccar release which contains TomTom Reverse Geocoder support.