Centre map when showing route

Hi All,

Just wonder what is the best way to set the map centre of the route when showing the route?

For example if the route is from north to south, I want the map centre at the middle at the beginning.

Thank you.


Have you tried to use the tomtomMap.displayRoutesOverview(); method?
Here is the API docs: http://d221h2fa9j1k6s.cloudfront.net/downloads/mapssdk/APIReferences/JavaDocMap_2.4.654/com.tomtom.online.sdk.map/-route-settings.html. You can find a usage example in our tutorial: https://github.com/tomtom-international/tomtom-use-case-search-along-a-route-android/blob/bdae1a0a8d44ec4643b00a607358d01eb19ca51e/SearchAlongARoute/src/main/java/com/tomtom/online/sdk/searchalongaroute/MainActivity.java#L406


Thank you so much. It also resolved my other issue as well.