Can we embed tomtom go nevigation app in angular/ionic?

Hi Team,

Is it possible to embed TomTom go navigation app in agular/ionic mobile app. What i am trying to achieve is that tomtom go nevigation should open inside my app once the destination has been filled out in my app. I want to track user’s position for which i am continuously sending user’s position in out database server. This functionality stops working as soon as my app goes in background and that’s why i want tomtom go nevigation to open inside my app rather than opening it’s own separate window.

Please suggest if it is possible.


Unfortunately, we do not provide support for TomTom Go app. You can ask for help on the official TomTom support site here:

A piece of small advice from our side would be to solve updating and sending position from the background instead of looking for a way to embed another app inside your app which sounds like a very nasty solution and it’s definitely not recommended :wink:


Hi Mateusz,

Thanks for your suggestion and in fact i tried sending the location from background using background geolocation plugin earlier, but it seems that it has few issues. this plugin is not giving me real time updates and sometime it gets hung and stops working. Can you suggest some way of achieving this requirement other than using background geolocation plugin.

by the way i used below plugin, but this plugin stops working after 5 min or so.