Calculate route witha start point only (no end point)

Hi all!

I am trying to figure out if it’s possible to calculate a route where we specify the start point but not the end point with route optimisation using the calculate route service, does anyone have any experience with how to do this?



Is it about calculating range?

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No, just to get the best route through a series of waypoints but knowing that I need to start and end at the home location.

So the destination = starting point.
Currently we don’t have an optimal solution for this.

But you can try with Routing API. Just provide locations as: home:1stwaypoint:2ndwaypoint:(…):nthendpoint:home with computeBestOrder parameter. Maybe this is enough for your case.

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I have that but it seems to be optimising the home waypoints too :frowning:

Here is the URL I am testing with:****&computeBestOrder=true&routeRepresentation=summaryOnly&computeTravelTimeFor=none&departAt=now&routeType=fastest&traffic=false&travelMode=car&avoid=unpavedRoads&avoid=tollRoads&avoid=ferries

There are 11 points in this request.
In the response there is a section with optimizedWaypoints, where it describes the order of waypoints (9 watpoints).
Starting point and destination doesn’t change.

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