Calculate Route based on the customer availability Timings

Hi Team,

Customer has some specific timings to accept the delivery . How the TomTom is managing this type of request when calculating the Route.

Customer A - Available timings for Delivery 2PM to 4PM
Customer B - Available timings for Delivery 11Am to 12PM.

The arrival time of the respective delivery should comes in the above mentioned time slot. Does TomTom has this feasibility .

Hi Ashok,

You can add the arriveAt parameter in your API call to determine the specific time you want to arrive at the destination.

Unfortunately, this is not possible to set a time period in which you would like to arrive.

Hi Tomczyk

If we have a multiple deliveries , can we add arriveAt parameter for each delivery ?
Can you please provide an example of the url contains multiple deliveries with “arriveAt” parameter if possible

Unfortunately, this is not possible to set multiple arriveAt parameters in one API call.